Dr Jaspreet Saini is a GP practicing in western Sydney, Australia. He blogs about health care transformation, and in particular the role that comprehensive, coordinated and continuous high-performing primary care can play in reforming Australia’s health care system. He also has a special interest in lifestyle medicine, and blogs about personal growth, mindset, mental toughness, nutrition, fitness and exercise.

This blog is designed to challenge traditional health care management principles and analyse today’s problems with a modern lens and 21st century thought leadership.

To strategically prioritise the patient experience above all else.
To nurture care teams to flourish, grow and innovate.
To restore joy to the practice of medicine.
To deliver innovative solutions through human-centred design, health-enabling technology and clinical excellence.
To measure progress and become the best at getting better.
To lead with heart and restore humanity to health care.

Mission Statement – Dr J Saini

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