Your Health. My Passion.

Dr Saini’s mission is to empower his patients and their families to live happier and healthier lives by providing compassionate, high quality health care, always.

Dr Saini has visited and built relationships with some of the best health care practices around the world and is passionate about applying the principles of high-performing care to transform the way in which health care is delivered in Australia. He is committed to restoring the humanity to health care, placing patients at the centre of their care, building high-performance teams and collaborating around a shared vision of exceptional, person-centred health care.

1. Restore Humanity to Health Care

Every day, numerous miracles take place in health care, made possible by advances in medical knowledge, education, technology, and the incredible training and experience of today’s health care teams. Numerous studies have demonstrated that at the frontline of health care, exceptional general practice improves health outcomes and empowers patients and their families to live happier and healthier lives.

However, patients, their families and carers consistently report not feeling heard, not fully understanding the decisions made around their health, and not being made to feel as though they are active participants in their own health care. Our patients, in their involuntary roles, expect us to opt in on their behalf, as leaders, for “all the ways the system impacts them, including quality, access, equity, affordability, and safety” (Jack Cochran, MD, Healer, Leader, Partner, 2018). This is what we signed up for.

2. Place Patients at the Centre of Their Care

Australians continue to face professional and system barriers to access, affordability and consistent quality of health care (Australian Health Minister’s Advisory Council, 2017). Meanwhile, rising health care costs and ageing populations with chronic diseases stretch the resources of health budgets everywhere.

We are also witnessing significant advances in medical knowledge, technology digitalisation, genomics and consumer expectations. According to Leanne Wells, CEO of Consumers Health Forum, these changes are “fueling greater consumer choice and influence” (‘Shifting Gears, Consumers Transforming Health’, 2018).

We now recognise that shifting from provider-centric to consumer-centric models of delivering health care enables us to work towards a system that is friendlier and designed around the needs of our patients.

We must together design environments, cultures and systems that place people at the centre of all decisions relating to their health.

3. Build High-performing Teams

The key success attributes of high-performing general practices in Australia include interdependence of team members, patient-focused care and leadership of the practice (Dunham et al, 2018)

Bohmer (2016) highlights that health care transformation results from the persistent accumulation of small gains and local operational redesign efforts – internal design work carried out by multidisciplinary teams.

Teams need to be empowered to lead change efforts, to create shared norms and values aligned with organisational goals and to incorporate routinised processes of change that involve a shared vocabulary and understanding.

‘In effect, instead of taking their work context as a given, staff actively create the local system needed to provide the best possible care.’ (Bohmer, 2016)

High-performing healthcare teams have a good understanding of their patient population. They have access to information that will help them make decisions and work with the people that they serve to make those decisions. Patients are able to look at data in a very transparent manner and navigate a system that is designed more closely around their needs.

4. Collaborate Around a Shared Vision

It is vital that we agree upon a shared set of goals in order to bring about meaningful change. Health systems around the world are embracing progress towards the quadruple aim as the desired outcome of their clinical redesign efforts. That is,

  1. Improved population health and clinical outcomes
  2. Enhanced patient experience
  3. Improved joy in work for providers
  4. Reduced costs of health care delivery

We are building the future today by empowering our patients and their families to live happier and healthier lives. We would like to assist you in becoming a true partner in your health care, and an active participant in your own well-being.

5. Become the best at getting better

People are the beating heart of everything that we do. We believe that there is no greater purpose than to serve others, and make a meaningful difference to our current and future generations.

But how do we know we’re making a meaningful difference? Well, we measure our impact. We routinely collect data that helps us improve the way we care for our people. We measure patient experience and outcomes through validated tools that assist us in optimising our practice, ensure what we are doing today is better than what we did yesterday, and ensure that we are continuing to meeting the needs of our patients.

Keen to find out more?

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