Dr Jaspreet Saini is a GP practicing in western Sydney, Australia. He blogs about health care transformation, and in particular the role that comprehensive, coordinated and continuous high-performing primary care can play in reforming Australia’s health care system. He also has a special interest in lifestyle medicine, and blogs about personal growth, mindset, mental toughness, nutrition, fitness and exercise.

This blog is designed to challenge traditional health care management principles and analyse today’s problems with a modern lens and 21st century thought leadership principles.

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We can not solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions.

Throughout the world, leaders in their fields are embracing the concepts of ‘growth’ and ‘adaptive’ mindsets to overcome their personal and professional challenges. Meanwhile, in health care, education regarding leadership, mental well-being, vulnerability, mindset and resilience is either largely missing, or poorly understood.

“Leadership is the most influential factor in shaping organisational culture and ensuring the necessary leadership behaviours, strategies and qualities are developed is fundamental.”

The Kings Fund, 2015

To achieve greater outcomes in health care, we don’t need more, we need different.

As we begin to understand the importance of the mind-body connection, we must also examine how our mindset can influence our overall wellbeing. It is no longer enough for health care leaders to treat illness. We must also invest in improving the ability of populations to lead strong, healthy lives.

Rather than catching people as they fall over the cliff edge, we must consider how we can alter the course of lives early on, recognise and influence the socioeconomic determinants of health, and embrace new models of health and health care.

Let’s practice what we preach.

There are only two types of leaders, effective and ineffective. Effective leaders display extreme ownership. They take responsibility for all that occurs to them, and to those around them. Leadership is the single most important factor in whether a team succeeds or fails.

Practicing what we preach is a radical idea for health care professionals. If we are to truly optimise the health of others, we must accept that our own health is a cumulative result of all the choices we have made in our lives, and set about to improve it. Failing to integrate the health advice we provide to others into our own lives compromises our index of believability and limits our capacity to appropriately advise those that we serve.

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