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GP Practice Growth Summit 27th July 7:30pm

I love being a practice owner, and think it is an extraordinary privilege to serve my patients and my team each and every day. I also acknowledge that it is hard work.

Very hard work.

Insert super uncomfortable reality here that the growth of my practice will never outpace my personal growth, and that’s hard because I know that my people depend on me to show up in the right way.

So I have to be intentional about what I want. The sort of leader I want to be.

And I think at the core of this, it’s creating space for other leaders to thrive, innovate and flourish.

As a leader, “I want to be known for my great questions, not for my great answers.” (Brené Brown in conversation with 📚 Michael Bungay Stanier).

So I enjoy opportunities like this where I can ask questions from people that view health care from a variety of different lenses, and give myself the space to stretch and grow, so that I can be better for the people that need me to step up and lead.

So, if you can relate to this in any way, come and join the Practice Success Collective’s Practice Growth Summit, and let’s learn together.

Register here:

P.S. I’ll be presenting on practice culture on 27th July, 7:30pm – would love to see you there and would love for you to ask me hard, super uncomfortable, dicey questions.

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