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Transitioning to private practice, some advice for my registrar colleagues.

Never confuse an abundance of jobs with an abundance of opportunity.

As a practice owner, I know far too well the challenges of finding “the right candidate”.

I’ve also spend enough time as a registrar, and as an advocate for registrars, to recognise the challenges of finding “the right practice”.

In both, there is scarcity, even with a job market where there are more jobs than there are candidates.

So as a GP registrar you’re very well placed right now to secure employment in a workplace that aligns with your values.

Make the right choices early in your career, and you’ll not only grow – you’ll thrive.

Seek out the opportunities that are going to feed your soul. That are going to remind you why you entered the profession in the first place. And that will demand that you bring your best self to your vocation each and every day.

General practice truly is a magical profession. Choose your practices carefully. You’re well placed to demand nothing but the absolute best, right NOW.

I know, I started my career working with the most inspiring, wonderful man who is still my #mentor to this day. That one opportunity has transformed my life.

So, #ChooseWisely


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