Coalition of Courageous Colleagues Health Care Webinar 8th August 2020

Courage. I think it’s a really hard term to define in our current environment. Like many other health care leaders, I find myself feeling extraordinarily vulnerable right now. Rumbling through the chaos in which we find ourselves, it is hard not to reflect on what we have lost already, and what we are yet to lose.

Amidst the uncertainty of the time, a few of my colleagues are stepping up to the challenges of leadership, and putting themselves in the ring to be the future Presidents and Vice Presidents of our professional bodies.

Yet, even with their occupying these highly coveted yet challenging seats, there is room for all of us to lead. “Our colleagues are all working to solve important problems and we need to learn how to both lead and partner to enhance collaboration and learning.” (Jack Cochran, MD).

So how do we build this “Coalition of Courageous Colleagues” that works together to build the health care system that our patients want, need and deserve?

Stay tuned for this very exciting event where my friend, colleague and mentor Dr Jack Cochran will walk us through what effective leadership can and must look like for us to effectively move forward.

Link to register: https://www.amansw.com.au/event/coalition-of-courageous-colleagues/

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