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What I’ve learnt from 6 months as a practice owner

We all need people around us that force us to #stretch.

Being a practice owner has taught me:

✅ You do not simply become a leader by entering a leadership position

✅ You do not ‘purchase’ a business. At the most, you can purchase a ticket of entry, and then do what it takes to earn the respect of your team and your patients (or clients)

✅ A leader without goals will accomplish very little, if anything

✅ Learn, push, practice, shape yourself into the person that you need to become to achieve the goals that matter

✅ Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction (Dr Nick Tellis)

✅ Surround yourself with a team with higher #standards than you. Allow yourself to stretch, so that your standards become the ‘drumbeat’ for the organisation

And the most important lesson. It is okay to be compassionate, vulnerable, and humble. In fact, that is the secret to sustainable success. Play the infinite game (Simon Sinek), allow your ‘competition’ to challenge you and help you grow, and be consistent in the way you practice your values.

How you show up matters.

If you’ve considered purchasing a general practice, and have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

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