Personal growth

Here again

Here again.

It’s 5am and I’m at the gym.

Parked outside, ready to go in.

Headphones in my ear, listening to motivational tracks.

I want to win. I have to win.

My mindset will define my workout.

My workout will define my day.

My day will define my life.

Every single decision I make today

Will be based on the power I derive from my morning routine.

If I can get this right.

If I can overcome my biggest obstacles

Distractions, fear, challenges

I will win.

It’s time to take what’s mine.

It’s time to outwork, outperform, and improve

My biggest enemy is me

My biggest strength is me

It’s time to make a choice

What drives me

What empowers me

What will shift the needle further towards progress

It’s time. Let’s do this!

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