How can we ensure our children don’t fall over the cliff edge of adulthood?

Over the last two years, The Health Foundation’s Young people’s future health inquiry has explored how young people between the ages of 12 and 24 are being prepared for adulthood, and how their experiences during this period of their lives may impact on their future health.

The report identified four assets that have the greatest influence on young people’s journey to independence.

These are:

  1. Appropriate skills and qualifications
  2. Personal connections
  3. Financial and practical support
  4. Emotional support

The report finds:

“If we can offer young people individualised support to define their goals, advise them on the skills and qualifications required, and support them on this journey, they won’t have to fall into adulthood, they’ll jump in. Empowering young people in this way will be of benefit to them now, in the future, and to society as a whole.

Read more on the Intergenerational Foundation blog, or access the report here.

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