Express yourself and your children will follow

At work, I will often ask the children that I meet to draw me a picture. Any picture. This simple activity gives me an incredible insight into a child’s life. For a moment, I see a glimpse of their life. I am forced to see what they see.

As a parent, engaging in play helps me to leap out of my comfort zone and see my children through their eyes, not mine.

The truth is, we are our most expressive as children. We don’t hide behind cloaks or curtains. We are candid. Adults, driven out of the need to be non-judgemental, will often avoid things that they feel will make others feel uncomfortable.

Remember, you can bite your tongue and avoid saying certain things, but the eyes don’t lie. Be mindful that your thoughts have a way of making themselves known. It is often better to speak and be challenged, than to say nothing and let your actions and body gestures speak for you.

Being mindful of your thoughts will help you to see the world through a lens of kindness, and so your words will naturally align. Yes, you may well find that some things just shouldn’t be said. That’s okay. Rather than letting your thoughts fester, perhaps share them with someone you trust and allow them to evolve.

Today, I challenge you to express yourself. Embrace creativity. Draw, write, sculpt, photograph, speak, debate, present, paint, travel, imagine, explore, connect, share, follow, lead, adventure and expand to the outer realms of the universe, and inner depths of your heart, body, mind and soul.

Find a safe space. Let go. Help your children to understand that it is always okay to communicate in a healthy, productive and positive manner. It is always okay to speak up. It is okay if we make mistakes as long as we commit to reflecting upon them and becoming more informed and self-aware.

One of our most important challenges as parents is to create a platform for our children to be curious and inquisitive, always. We can not do this unless we learn to process our thoughts, express ourselves with authenticity, and do things that are creative and different.

The definition of insanity is to do the same thing, again and again, and expect different results.

Today, why not try something different?

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