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Take control of your morning

Taking back control of your life could be as simple as developing a morning routine. Learn more.
The first thing to do every morning is to get yourself into a powerful state. If you’re in a great mood, you will get great results. The better your attitude, the better the results you’ll produce.
Time management is all about making simple changes to your routine.

For me, 2018 was troubled by the constant burning desire to find time to exercise. Going to the gym is an exceptionally important part of my self-care, physical and mental health. I knew that if I missed out on my regular gym session, it would show in other aspects of my life. So much so, that much of my schedule was designed around this need. It was dedicated ‘me’ time. I would often spend the day in anxious wait of when I would be able to hit the gym. However, by the time I got to the gym, the day’s tasks had added up so that I would find myself distracted, constantly accessing my phone during my workout and completing tasks that I remembered whilst exercising.

This year, I’ve decided to flip my day so that I get to the gym first thing in the morning and have a gruelling, focused work out before I start the day. Starting off this way has meant that I can invest my mental and physical energy entirely in working out. I am more focused and disciplined, which carries through to the rest of the day. I find that doing this has allowed me to be more present and focused for the priorities in my life – most importantly, being present with my family when I arrive home, having the energy to focus at work and working on a plan to strive towards a top 1% life (creating financial autonomy through self-employment so that my family and I can look to the future with confidence). And by financial autonomy, I mean:

The freedom to make decisions based on what makes you happy rather than what makes you money.

I challenge you to have a look at how your day is structured. What simple change can you make to flip the way you live and experience your life?

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