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Dr Saini’s mission is to empower his patients and their families to live happy and healthy lives. His patients are true partners in their health care, and active participants in their own well-being.

Placing patients at the centre of their care

Caring for generations

The best thing for your health is to develop a long-term relationship with a GP you trust. It is important to find someone you feel comfortable with and who you can talk to openly and honestly. Dr Saini believes that he is doing his best work when his patients feel listened to, respected, valued and empowered to make decisions that improve their overall health and wellbeing. Dr Saini feels privileged to care for multiple generations of the same family – it’s part of his commitment to person and family-centred care.

Take control of your health

Dr Saini believes that an ideal health care environment values patients as partners in their health care. Empowered patients often have access to information, medical knowledge, and their own health data. They value contact with other patients as it enables them to become highly activated and engaged. Empowered patients share medical stories, advice, provide support to other patients and look for new opportunities in treatment options. They ask questions and strive to be the expert of their own condition. They empower others.

Our mission

To strategically prioritise the patient experience above all else.
To nurture care teams to flourish, grow and innovate.
To restore joy to the practice of medicine.
To deliver innovative solutions through human-centred design, health-enabling technology and clinical excellence.
To measure progress and become the best at getting better.
To lead with heart and restore humanity to health care.

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